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1. Data Science

To help with the growth of any enterprise or business, a group of skilled professionals and organizations concentrate their strength on compiling and gathering data, needful insights and provides advanced analytics tactics in order to get important information for strategic planning, which is critical for business.

2. Machine learning

The use of algorithms, statistic models and historical data in order to predict the new output values is what machine learning does. It is a type of artificial intelligence that assist software applications to perform better and predict accurate outcomes without any previously implemented programs to do so.

3. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the system that delivers the services which includes servers, storage, databases, networking, computing, software and analytics through internet which helps to run the infrastructure more effeciently.

4. DevOps

Devops helps organisation to increase the quality of the products and ability to deliver the applications and services at a faster pace with the combination of tools and practices.

5. Software development

The process of development, designing, programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing  in order to maintain and create applications and other software related components.

6. Full-stack development

In full stack development, a developer or an engineer is involved in creating and maintaining both the fron and back end of a website or an application.

7. Networking

In networking, computers share the resources located on or provided by network nodes. They use similar communication protocols to communicate with each other through various digital connections.

8. Blockchain

The system records every bit of cryptocurrency transaction that occurs and is added to each participant’s ledger. It records information securely, which makes it difficult or near to impossible to cheat or hack it. 

9. Business Intelligence

Most of the enterprises and organisations uses business intelligence in roder to analyze the data  for the purpose of business information. Through business intelligence, one can get previous, current and predictive outcomes of business operations.

10. Cybersecurity

To maintain the security of any computer system or networks from theft, disclosure or damage to the hardware, software or any type of electronic data.

11. Internet of Things

The instruments or devices equipped with sensors, softwares and other technologies, to exchange data and for the purpose of connecting through internet is known as Internet of things.